Willem Kolvoort Onderwaterfotografie

From the past

Photos of the interesting discoveries made by the divers of "Mergor in Mosam" in the river Meuse near Cuyk. For one, there are the remnants of the pillar blocks of the Roman bridge over the river Meuse and the remains of shoes behind the piles of the Roman embankment. All these finds date from the period between the third and fourth centuries AD.
The skull of the mammoth of Bergharen was salvaged by these divers as well. This bull mammoth lived about 39.000 years ago and was 50 years old. The skull is on display at the Natural History Museum in Nijmegen.
The pictures of Elsloo Castle, wich drowned in the river Meuse countless years ago, were made during archaeological investigations by the department of underwater archaeology of the Directorate General for Public Works and Water Management, "The Maaswerken".